EXEC[UTE] statement

where statement represents a PL/SQL statement.

Executes a single PL/SQL statement. The EXECUTE command is often useful when you want to execute a PL/SQL statement that references a stored procedure. For more information on PL/SQL, see your Oracle Database PL/SQL Language Reference.


If your EXECUTE command cannot fit on one line because of the PL/SQL statement, use the SQL*Plus continuation character (a hyphen).

The length of the command and the PL/SQL statement cannot exceed the length defined by SET LINESIZE.

You can suppress printing of the message "PL/SQL procedure successfully completed" with SET FEEDBACK OFF.


If the variable :n has been defined with:


The following EXECUTE command assigns a value to the bind variable n:

EXECUTE :n := 1
PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

For information on how to create a bind variable, see the VARIABLE command.