This screenshot shows the Edit Capture Configuration page. At the top right-hand corner of the page are the buttons: Cancel, Revert, and Apply.

In the Parameters section, there is a table with a Restore Default Values button at the top and bottom of it. Three columns are in the table: Name, Value, and Default. Twenty-four rows are shown in the table with the following values:

In the SCN section, there is a Checkpoint Retention Time subsection, a Start SCN subsection, and a First SCN subsection.

The Checkpoint Retention Time subsection has the following text, "The checkpoint retention time is the amount of time, in number of days, that a capture process retains checkpoints before purging them automatically. Enter INFINITE if checkpoints should not be purged automatically." After the text is the Checkpoint Retention Time field with "60" entered in it.

The Start SCN subsection has the following text, "Start SCN is the SCN from which a capture process begins to capture changes. The Start SCN value must be greater than or equal to the first SCN for the capture process." After the text is the Start SCN field with "1369771" entered in it.

The First SCN subsection is closed. There is a plus icon to expand it.

In the Miscellaneous, there are the following text fields: