The screenshot shows the Add Performance Class page. The descriptive text on this page says "The Performance Class Name is used to identify a collection of work requests that flow through the system and against which performance objectives wish to be set". Below this text is a text entry field labeled Performance Class Name. In the screenshot, the value NewClass has been entered in this field.

The next section on this page is titled Classifiers. The descriptive text for this section states "Classifiers are a set of rules to classify an incoming request based upon a Boolean expression made up of database session parameters. Comma-delimited multiple values are allowed." Below the descriptive text are two buttons, Delete Classifiers and Add Classifier.

Below the buttons are two hyperlinks: Select All and Select None. Below these hyperlinks is a series of text entry fields where you specify information about the new Performance Class. The first field is a Select option. The next field is the Service field, where you can type in the name of the database service, or use the flashlight icon to search for available service names. The next fields are Module, Action, UserName, and Program. For each of these fields you can enter text, and choose either the In Set or Not In Set option.

On the bottom of the page, on the right-hand side are two buttons, Cancel and OK.

End of description.