In this screenshot you see the Recommended Actions detail screen. The first item on the screen is the Action drop-down list, which displays the value "Rank 1: Promote sales_cart from Consumer Group 2 to Consumer Group 0." This information is repeated in the next line on the screen, which has the heading Action. The next line on the screen shows the Estimated Time to be two minutes.

The Rationale for the recommendation is "All potential single mapping changes have been analyzed. Changes evaluated and rejected are listed below."

The Evaluation text states "The beneficiary's PSM value is expected to change by 11.565 percentage points. The sum of all PSM values is expected to change by -27.265 percentage points. This action is a candidate for recommendation."

Below the Evaluation text is the Projected Results table. This table has six columns and five rows. The column titles are, in order from left to right: Performance Class, Performance Satisfaction Metric (Last 5 min): Projected (%), Performance Satisfaction Metric: Projected Change (%), Average Response Time: Objective Value (sec), Average Response Time: Current Value (sec), and Average Response Time: Projected Value (sec).

The data in the rows, in column order from left to right, and in row order from top to bottom are:

Below the table, there is a single button labeled Implement.

End of description.