The screenshot shows the Performance Overview Chart and the Recommendations sections of the QoS Dashboard. The Performance Overview chart shows the performance graphs for the sales_cart, erp_pc, sales_pc, hr_pc, and Default_pc Performance Classes. The sales_cart and sales_pc Performance Classes are currently not meeting their performance goals. The rank of Performance Classes, in order from Highest to Lowest is: sales_cart, erp_pc, sales_pc, hr_pc, and Default_pc. The sales_cart Performance Class has an asterisk preceding its name and a recommendation appears in the Recommendation section for this Performance Class.

The Recommendations section contains the following information:

Recommendations (less than a minute ago)

Application Quality of Service periodically provides recommendations to help a Performance Class to meet its Performance Objectives.

Performance Class to help: sales_cart (approximately 2 minutes ago)

Resource Type to help: online.cpu (approximately 2 minutes ago)

Recommended Action: Promote sales_cart from Consumer Group 2 to Consumer Group 0.

This information is followed by two buttons. The buttons are Recommendation Details on the left and Implement on the right.

End of description.