The screenshot shows the Edit Policy page that is used for editing Performance Policies. The top part of the page contains the Policy name (After Hours) and the Policy Description field, an editable text box. The Policy Name is not editable.

Following the Policy Description field is the Performance Definition for Policy:After Hours table, which shows the Performance Objectives for each Performance Class. The descriptive text for this table states "Specify the business ranking and performance objectives for the Performance Classes below. By checking "Measure Only" a Performance Class will be monitored but not managed by QoS Management."

The columns displayed in the table are, from left to right: Performance Class, Rank (editable), Objective Type, Objective Value (secs) (editable), Current Value (sec), and whether or not the objective is marked Measure Only (editable).

The table in the screenshot contains the following rows:

Following the table in the screenshot is the Server Pool Directive Override section. The descriptive text states "Server Pool Directive Overrides change the server pool availability properties when the associated policy is in effect." This text is followed by an information icon that you can click to open the Help page for this topic.

The Server Pool Directive Override section contains a table that has five main columns. Three of the main columns are split into two subcolumns: Current Value and Override. The five main columns are: Server Pool, Min, Max, Current Server Pool Size, and Importance. The table has three rows which the following values:

At the bottom of the screenshot on the right-hand side are 2 buttons: Ok and Cancel.

End of description.