The screenshot shows the bottom portion of the Performance Class Quality of Service page, and contains two graphs, Demand and Average Response Time. The Demand chart measure the number of Requests each Second against Time, and the Average Response Time chart graphs the length of the response in seconds over Time. For each chart there are five lines, one for each performance class listed in the legend.

For the Demand chart, the line for the sales cart performance class is at the top of the chart, averaging around 400 requests each second. The line for the Default_pc performance class is at the bottom of the chart, averaging between 0 and 25 requests each second. The other performance classes (sales_pc, erp_pc, and hr_pc) have almost straight lines measuring 300 requests each second.

For the Average Response Time chart, the Default_pc performance class has the most varied line, with values ranging from 0.002 to 0.020. The lines for the other performance classes do not vary much, and show an average response time of approximately 0.0025 seconds for each performance class.

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