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What's New in Oracle Database?

Part I Concepts

1 Data Warehousing Concepts

Part II Logical Design

2 Logical Design in Data Warehouses

Part III Physical Design

3 Physical Design in Data Warehouses

4 Hardware and I/O Considerations in Data Warehouses

5 Partitioning in Data Warehouses

6 Parallel Execution in Data Warehouses

7 Indexes

8 Integrity Constraints

9 Basic Materialized Views

10 Advanced Materialized Views

11 Dimensions

Part IV Managing the Data Warehouse Environment

12 Overview of Extraction, Transformation, and Loading

13 Extraction in Data Warehouses

14 Transportation in Data Warehouses

15 Loading and Transformation

16 Maintaining the Data Warehouse

17 Change Data Capture

Part V Data Warehouse Performance

18 Basic Query Rewrite

19 Advanced Query Rewrite

20 Schema Modeling Techniques

21 SQL for Aggregation in Data Warehouses

22 SQL for Analysis and Reporting

23 SQL for Modeling

24 Advanced Business Intelligence Queries