V$ASM_ACFS_ENCRYPTION_INFO displays encryption information for every mounted Oracle ACFS.

Column Datatype Description
FS_NAME VARCHAR2(1024) File system mount point (foreign key to V$ASM_FILESYSTEM)
VOL_DEVICE VARCHAR2(256) Name of the Oracle ADVM device
SET_STATUS VARCHAR2(7) Indicates whether encryption parameters have been set on the file system (YES) or not (NO); otherwise UNKNOWN.
ENABLED_STATUS VARCHAR2(8) Indicates whether file system level encryption is enabled (ENABLED) or not (DISABLED); otherwise UNKNOWN.
ALGORITHM VARCHAR2(7) Encryption algorithm used. AES is the only supported algorithm.
KEY_LENGTH VARCHAR2(7) Key length used for the encryption key
LAST_REKEY_TIME DATE Time that the volume was last rekeyed


The V$ASM_ACFS_ENCRYPTION_INFO view is available starting with Oracle Database 11g Release 2 (