In an Oracle Automatic Storage Management (Oracle ASM) instance, V$ASM_VOLUME displays information about each Oracle ADVM volume.

Column Datatype Description
GROUP_NUMBER NUMBER Cluster-wide number assigned to the disk group (composite primary key)
VOLUME_NAME VARCHAR2(30) Name of the volume
COMPOUND_INDEX NUMBER A 32-bit number consisting of a disk group number in the high-order 8 bits and a volume number in the low-order 24 bits (for efficient access to the view)
SIZE_MB NUMBER Size of the volume (in megabytes)
VOLUME_NUMBER NUMBER Number of the Volume within the disk group (composite primary key)
REDUNDANCY VARCHAR2(6) Redundancy type for the volume:

  • HIGH


STRIPE_COLUMNS NUMBER Number of columns in a stripe set
STRIPE_WIDTH_K NUMBER Stripe width of the volume (in kilobytes)
STATE VARCHAR2(8) Indicates whether the volume is enabled (ENABLED) or disabled (DISABLED)
FILE_NUMBER NUMBER Volume file number
INCARNATION NUMBER Volume file incarnation number
DRL_FILE_NUMBER NUMBER volume Dirty Region Logging (DRL) file used for mirrored volumes
RESIZE_UNIT_MB NUMBER Volume allocation unit (in megabytes) that a volume can be created
USAGE VARCHAR2(30) Optional usage string for the volume
VOLUME_DEVICE VARCHAR2(256) OSD path for the volume device
MOUNTPATH VARCHAR2(1024) Optional mount path string for the volume