V$BACKUP_SET_DETAILS provides detailed information about the backup set. This view will contain an extra row for each backup session that invokes BACKUP BACKUPSET (that is, creates new copies for the same backup set or copies backup set information from disk to tape). However, the remaining values of other columns belong to the complete backup set.

Column Datatype Description
SESSION_KEY NUMBER Session identifier
SESSION_RECID NUMBER Identifies the job, together with SESSION_STAMP.
SESSION_STAMP NUMBER Identifies the job, together with SESSION_RECID
BS_KEY NUMBER Backup set identifier
SET_STAMP NUMBER Backup set stamp
SET_COUNT NUMBER Backup count number
BACKUP_TYPE VARCHAR2(1) Type of backup (same as in V$BACKUP_SET)
CONTROLFILE_INCLUDED VARCHAR2(3) Control file included in backup set (same as in V$BACKUP_SET)
INCREMENTAL_LEVEL NUMBER Incremental level (same as in V$BACKUP_SET)
PIECES NUMBER Number of pieces (same as in V$BACKUP_SET)
START_TIME DATE Start time of the backup set (same as in V$BACKUP_SET)
COMPLETION_TIME DATE Completion time of the backup set (same as in V$BACKUP_SET)
ELAPSED_SECONDS NUMBER Time taken for backup set creation (same as in V$BACKUP_SET)
BLOCK_SIZE NUMBER Block size (same as in V$BACKUP_SET)
KEEP VARCHAR2(3) Keep value (same as in V$BACKUP_SET)
KEEP_UNTIL DATE Keep Until time (same as in V$BACKUP_SET)
KEEP_OPTIONS VARCHAR2(10) Keep options (same as in V$BACKUP_SET)
DEVICE_TYPE VARCHAR2(17) Type of device. If the backup set exists on more than one device type, an * is indicated here.
COMPRESSED VARCHAR2(3) YES, if backup is compressed
NUM_COPIES NUMBER Number of identical copies
OUTPUT_BYTES NUMBER Size of the backup set
ORIGINAL_INPUT_BYTES NUMBER Amount of data backed up when the backup set was created
COMPRESSION_RATIO NUMBER The ratio between the total blocks in the datafile and the blocks that RMAN backed up. This is not the the ratio from the AS COMPRESSED BACKUPSET clause of the BACKUP command.
STATUS CHAR(1) The status of the backup set. It is always A (all backup pieces available), because this view only reflects available backup sets.
ORIGINAL_INPRATE_BYTES NUMBER Number of bytes read per second when backup set was initially created
OUTPUT_RATE_BYTES NUMBER Number of bytes written per second when the backup set was initially created
OUTPUT_BYTES_DISPLAY VARCHAR2(4000) Size of backup set to display
ORIGINAL_INPRATE_BYTES_DISPLAY VARCHAR2(4000) Input rate per second for display
OUTPUT_RATE_BYTES_DISPLAY VARCHAR2(4000) Output rate per second for display
TIME_TAKEN_DISPLAY VARCHAR2(4000) Elapsed time in hh:mm:ss format
ENCRYPTED VARCHAR2(3) A value of YES means an encrypted backup, otherwise not an encrypted backup.
BACKED_BY_OSB VARCHAR2(3) A value of YES means the backup was done to Oracle Secure Backup. Otherwise, backed up by other third party tape library.

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