V$HANG_SESSION_INFO displays information about sessions involved in hangs described by V$HANG_INFO. Each row with the same HANG_ID describes a session that is in the hang wait chain described by the row with the same HANG_ID in V$HANG_INFO. This session is blocked by the victim or final blocker of that hang.

Column Datatype Description
HANG_ID NUMBER A number identifying the hang including this session. This column can be used to join V$HANG_INFO with V$HANG_SESSION_INFO.
INSTANCE NUMBER Instance number of instance on which this session resides
SID NUMBER Oracle session ID of this session
SERIAL# NUMBER Oracle session serial number of this session
OSPID VARCHAR2(25) Operating system process ID of this session
FATAL_BACKGROUND VARCHAR2(1) Y - Session is a critical background process

N - Session is not a critical background process

ROOT VARCHAR2(1) Y - This session is the victim or final blocker of the hang

N - This session is not the victim or final blocker of the hang

WAIT_EVENT_TEXT VARCHAR2(64) Resource or event for which this session is waiting; set to not in a wait if the session is not waiting on a resource