V$HM_FINDING displays information about all the findings of various Health Monitor runs.

Column Datatype Description
FINDING_ID NUMBER Unique ID to represent the finding
RUN_ID NUMBER ID of the run that created this finding
NAME VARCHAR2(32) Name of the finding
PARENT_ID NUMBER Parent finding ID for this finding
CHILD_COUNT NUMBER Number of active (open) child findings, if this finding is a parent finding type
CLASS_NAME VARCHAR2(32) Name of the class to which this finding belongs
TIME_DETECTED TIMESTAMP(6) Time this finding was detected
MODIFIED TIMESTAMP(6) Time that this finding was last modified
PRIORITY VARCHAR2(8) Priority of the finding:
  • LOW,

  • HIGH


STATUS VARCHAR2(12) Status of the finding:
  • OPEN


TYPE VARCHAR2(13) Type of the finding:


DESCRIPTION VARCHAR2(1024) Description of the finding
DAMAGE_DESCRIPTION VARCHAR2(1024) Possible damage description of the finding