V$LOGMNR_PROCESS identifies all processes attached to an active LogMiner persistent session. (A persistent LogMiner session is created either by starting Data Guard SQL Apply on a logical standby database for the first time or by creating Streams capture.) This view can be joined with either the V$SESSION view or the V$PROCESS view to gather process-specific information.

Column Datatype Description
SESSION_ID NUMBER Unique identifier for the LogMiner persistent session
PID NUMBER Oracle process identifier for the SQL Apply or Streams capture process (same as the V$PROCESS.PID)
SPID VARCHAR2(12) Operating system process identifier (same as the V$PROCESS.SPID)
ROLE VARCHAR2(32) Identifies the role of the active LogMiner process: READER, PREPARER, BUILDER, COORDINATOR, or APPLY SERVER
USERNAME VARCHAR2(15) Operating system process user name that is connected to the database
SID NUMBER Session identifier for the V$SESSION.SID process
SERIAL# NUMBER Session serial number associated with the V$SESSION.SERIAL process
LATCHWAIT VARCHAR2(8) Address of the latch the process is waiting for; NULL if none
LATCHSPIN VARCHAR2(8) This column is obsolete
WORK_MICROSEC VARCHAR2(21) Microseconds spent by the process doing useful work
OVERHEAD_MICROSEC VARCHAR2(21) Microseconds spent by the process doing overhead tasks or simply waiting/idling