V$PQ_SESSTAT lists session statistics for parallel queries. After you have run a query or DML operation, you can use the information derived from V$PQ_SESSTAT to view the number of slave processes used, and other information for the session and system.

Column Datatype Description
STATISTIC VARCHAR2(30) Name of the statistic:
  • Queries Parallelized - Number of queries run in parallel

  • DDL Parallelized - Number of DDL operations run in parallel

  • DML Parallelized - Number of DML operations run in parallel

  • DFO Trees - Number of executed DFO trees

  • Server Threads - Number of PX servers used

  • Allocation Height - Requested number of servers per instance

  • Allocation Width - Requested number of instances

  • Local Msgs Sent - Number of local (intra-instance) messages sent

  • Distr Msgs Sent - Number of remote (inter-instance) messages sent

  • Local Msgs Recv'd - Number of local (intra-instance) messages received

  • Distr Msgs Recv'd - Number of remote (inter-instance) messages received

LAST_QUERY NUMBER Value of the statistic for the last operation
SESSION_TOTAL NUMBER Value of the statistic for the entire session to this point in time