V$SHARED_SERVER displays information on the shared server processes.

Column Datatype Description
NAME VARCHAR2(4) Name of the server
PADDR RAW(4 | 8) Server's process address
STATUS VARCHAR2(16) Server status:

EXEC - Executing SQL

WAIT (ENQ) - Waiting for a lock

WAIT (SEND) - Waiting to send data to user

WAIT (COMMON) - Idle; waiting for a user request

WAIT (RESET) - Waiting for a circuit to reset after a break

QUIT - Terminating

MESSAGES NUMBER Number of messages processed
BYTES NUMBER Total number of bytes in all messages
BREAKS NUMBER Number of breaks
CIRCUIT RAW(4 | 8) Address of the circuit currently being serviced
IDLE NUMBER Total idle time (in hundredths of a second)
BUSY NUMBER Total busy time (in hundredths of a second)
IN_NET NUMBER Total incoming network wait time (in hundredths of a second)
OUT_NET NUMBER Total outgoing network wait time (in hundredths of a second)
REQUESTS NUMBER Total number of requests taken from the common queue in this server's lifetime