V$SQL_CS_SELECTIVITY exposes the valid selectivity ranges for a child cursor in extended cursor sharing mode. A valid range consists of a low and high value for each predicate containing binds. Each predicate's selectivity (with the current bind value) must fall between the corresponding low and high values in order for the child cursor to be shared.

Column Datatype Description
ADDRESS RAW(4) Address of the handle to the parent for this cursor
HASH_VALUE NUMBER Hash value of the parent statement in the library cache
SQL_ID VARCHAR2(13) SQL identifier of the parent cursor in the library cache
CHILD_NUMBER NUMBER Number of the child cursor
PREDICATE VARCHAR2(40) Predicate whose selectivity must fall between low and high values
RANGE_ID NUMBER Identifier for the range used to match up the low and high values for multiple predicates
LOW VARCHAR2(10) Lower bound for allowable selectivity
HIGH VARCHAR2(10) Upper bound for allowable selectivity