V$SQL_CS_STATISTICS contains the raw execution statistics used by the monitoring component of adaptive cursor sharing. A sample of the executions is monitored. This view exposes which executions were sampled, and what the statistics were for those executions. The statistics are cumulative for each distinct set of bind values.

Column Datatype Description
ADDRESS RAW(4) Address of the handle to the parent for this cursor
HASH_VALUE NUMBER Hash value of the parent statement in the library cache
SQL_ID VARCHAR2(13) SQL identifier of the parent cursor in the library cache
CHILD_NUMBER NUMBER Number of the child cursor being monitored
BIND_SET_HASH_VALUE NUMBER Hash of the values of the binds
PEEKED VARCHAR2(1) Indicates if this is the bind set used to build the cursor (Y) or not (N)
EXECUTIONS NUMBER Number of times this bind set has been executed and monitored
ROWS_PROCESSED NUMBER Cumulative number of rows processed by all row sources in the plan over all monitored executions with this bind set
BUFFER_GETS NUMBER Cumulative number of buffer gets over all monitored executions with this bind set
CPU_TIME NUMBER Cumulative CPU time (in microseconds) used by this cursor for monitored executions with this bind set