Property Description
Parameter type String
Default value There is no default value.
Modifiable Yes (at both session-level and system-level)
Basic No
Oracle RAC Each instance may have its own setting

COMMIT_WAIT is an advanced parameter used to control when the redo for a commit is flushed to the redo logs.

Be aware that the NOWAIT option can cause a failure that occurs after the database receives the commit message, but before the redo log records are written. This can falsely indicate to a transaction that its changes are persistent. Also, it can violate the durability of ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) transactions if the database shuts down unexpectedly.

If the parameter is set to FORCE_WAIT, the default behavior (immediate flushing of the redo log buffer with wait) is used. If this is a system setting, the session level and transaction level (COMMIT_WRITE) options will be ignored. If this is a session level setting, the transaction level options will be ignored. If COMMIT_WAIT is altered after it has been set to FORCE_WAIT, then the FORCE_WAIT option is no longer valid.