Property Description
Parameter type String
Syntax NLS_LANGUAGE = language
Default value Operating system-dependent, derived from the NLS_LANG environment variable
Range of values Any valid language name
Basic Yes

NLS_LANGUAGE specifies the default language of the database. This language is used for messages, day and month names, symbols for AD, BC, a.m., and p.m., and the default sorting mechanism. This parameter also determines the default values of the parameters NLS_DATE_LANGUAGE and NLS_SORT.


The value of this initialization parameter NLS_LANGUAGE is used to initialize the session value of this parameter, which is the actual value referenced by the SQL query processing. This initial value is overridden by a client-side value if the client uses the Oracle JDBC driver or if the client is OCI-based and the NLS_LANG client setting (environment variable) is defined. The initialization parameter value is, therefore, usually ignored.

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