Property Description
Parameter type String
Syntax SERIAL_REUSE = { disable | all | select | dml | plsql | force }
Default value disable
Modifiable No
Basic No


The SERIAL_REUSE parameter is deprecated. It is retained for backward compatibility only.

SERIAL_REUSE specifies which types of cursors make use of the serial-reusable memory feature. This feature allocates private cursor memory in the SGA so that it can be reused (serially, not concurrently) by sessions executing the same cursor.


  • disable

    Disables the option for all SQL statement types. This value overrides any other values included in the list.

  • all

    Enables the option for both DML and SELECT statements. Equivalent to setting select, dml, and plsql.

  • select

    Enables the option for SELECT statements.

  • dml

    Enables the option for DML statements.

  • plsql

    Currently has no effect (although PLSQL packages do support the serial-reuse memory option using PLSQL pragmas).


If CURSOR_SPACE_FOR_TIME is set to true, then the value of SERIAL_REUSE is ignored and treated as if it were set to disable.