Property Description
Parameter type Boolean
Default value true
Range of values true | false

SKIP_UNUSABLE_INDEXES enables or disables the use and reporting of tables with unusable indexes or index partitions. If a SQL statement uses a hint that forces the usage of an unusable index, then this hint takes precedence over initialization parameter settings, including SKIP_UNUSABLE_INDEXES. If the optimizer chooses an unusable index, then an ORA-01502 error will result. (See Oracle Database Administrator's Guide for more information about using hints.)


  • true

    Disables error reporting of indexes and index partitions marked UNUSABLE. This setting allows all operations (inserts, deletes, updates, and selects) on tables with unusable indexes or index partitions.


    If an index is used to enforce a UNIQUE constraint on a table, then allowing insert and update operations on the table might violate the constraint. Therefore, this setting does not disable error reporting for unusable indexes that are unique.
  • false

    Enables error reporting of indexes marked UNUSABLE. This setting does not allow inserts, deletes, and updates on tables with unusable indexes or index partitions.

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