Property Description
Parameter type Boolean
Default value If STATISTICS_LEVEL is set to TYPICAL or ALL, then true

If STATISTICS_LEVEL is set to BASIC, then false

Range of values true | false

TIMED_STATISTICS specifies whether or not statistics related to time are collected.


  • true

    The statistics are collected and stored in trace files or displayed in the V$SESSTATS and V$SYSSTATS dynamic performance views.

  • false

    The value of all time-related statistics is set to zero. This setting lets Oracle avoid the overhead of requesting the time from the operating system.

Starting with release, the value of the TIMED_STATISTICS parameter cannot be set to false if the value of STATISTICS_LEVEL is set to TYPICAL or ALL.

On some systems with very fast timer access, Oracle might enable timing even if this parameter is set to false. On these systems, setting the parameter to true can sometimes produce more accurate statistics for long-running operations.

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