CLIENT_RESULT_CACHE_STATS$ displays various Client Result Cache settings and usage statistics. Statistics are stored as name, value pairs. For each client cache ID, there will be multiple rows for each statistic.

Column Datatype NULL Description
CACHE_ID NUMBER NOT NULL Unique ID per client cache
NAME VARCHAR2(128)   Name of the statistic (see Table 3-1)
VALUE NUMBER   Value of the statistic


Statistic Name Description

Block Size

Size (in bytes) of each memory block in the result cache.

Block Count Max

Maximum number of blocks that can be allocated in the result cache based on the cache size configuration parameters on server and on client.

Block Count Current

Current number of blocks allocated by the client result cache.

Hash Bucket Count

Size of the hash table used for query matching.

Create Count Success

Number of cached result sets that did not get invalidated prior to caching all the rows of the result set.

Create Count Failure

Number of cached result sets that did not fetch all the rows in the result set.

Find Count

Number of cache hits.

Invalidation Count

Number of cached result sets that got invalidated due to database changes that could have affected the result set.

Delete Count Invalid

Number of cached result rests not invalidated whose memory was reclaimed by result cache.

Delete Count Valid

Number of invalidated cached result rests whose memory was reclaimed by result cache.