DBA_ADVISOR_DIR_DEFINITIONS provides a definition of the base directive.

Column Datatype NULL Description
ID NUMBER NOT NULL Unique id for directive. The directive management engine automatically generates ID numbers. The identifier is unique among all directives regardless of the domain name and directive name.
ADVISOR_ID NUMBER NOT NULL Identifier number of the owner advisor.
ADVISOR_NAME VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULL The name of the advisor to which this directive belongs.
DIRECTIVE_NAME VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULL Any value that further classifies this directive within a domain. The domain and the name form a unique key for the directive.
DOMAIN_NAME VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULL Domain or namespace name.
DESCRIPTION VARCHAR2(256) NOT NULL An optional description that documents the purpose of the directive.
TYPE NUMBER NOT NULL Further describes the use of the directive. Possible values are:
  1. Filter - An Xpath filter

  2. Single Value - Evaluation returns a single string value

  3. Multiple Values - Evaluation returns one to many string values

  4. Conditional - Evaluation returns a single value based on an input key, similar to a CASE or SWITCH statement

TYPE_NAME VARCHAR2(15)   A decoded version of the TYPE column.
TASK_STATUS VARCHAR2(9)   The status of the directive instances when a task is not in its initial state. Possible values are:


INSTANCES VARCHAR2(8)   Indicates whether a directive will permit multiple instances. Possible values are:


METADATA CLOB NOT NULL A DTD that is used to process the directive.