DBA_ADVISOR_SQLA_WK_STMTS displays information about all workload objects in the database after an Access Advisor analysis operation.

Related View

USER_ADVISOR_SQLA_WK_STMTS displays information about the workload objects owned by the current user after an Access Advisor analysis operation. This view does not display the OWNER column.

Column Datatype NULL Description
OWNER VARCHAR2(30)   Owner of the task
TASK_NAME VARCHAR2(30)   Name of the task
TASK_ID NUMBER NOT NULL Unique identifier of the task
SQLSET_ID NUMBER   ID of the SQL tuning set for the statement
SQLSET_NAME VARCHAR2(30)   Name of the SQL tuning set for the statement
WORKLOAD_NAME VARCHAR2(30)   Name of the workload
SQL_ID NUMBER NOT NULL Generated identifier of the statement
PLAN_HASH_VALUE NUMBER NOT NULL Numerical representation of the SQL plan for the cursor. Comparing one PLAN_HASH_VALUE to another easily identifies whether or not two plans are the same (rather than comparing the two plans line-by-line).
PARSING_SCHEMA_NAME VARCHAR2(30)   Schema name that was used to originally build this child cursor
USERNAME VARCHAR2(30)   Name of the user executing the statement
MODULE VARCHAR2(64)   Name of the module issuing the statement
ACTION VARCHAR2(64)   Module action for the statement
CPU_TIME NUMBER   Total CPU count (in seconds) of the executing statement
BUFFER_GETS NUMBER   Total number of buffer gets for the statement
DISK_READS NUMBER   Total disk-read I/O count for the statement
ELAPSED_TIME NUMBER   Total elapsed time (in seconds) of the executing statement
ROWS_PROCESSED NUMBER   Total number of rows processed by the statement
EXECUTIONS NUMBER   Total number of times the statement was executed
FIRST_LOAD_TIME DATE   Load time of parent cursor
LAST_EXECUTION_DATE DATE   Date on which the statement was last executed
PRIORITY NUMBER   Business importance of the statement:
  • 1 - High

  • 2 - Medium

  • 3 - Low

COMMAND_TYPE NUMBER   Type of the command
ACTIVE_STAT_PERIOD NUMBER   Effective period of time (in seconds) during which the SQL statement was active
SQL_TEXT CLOB   Text of the SQL statement
PRECOST NUMBER   Cost of executing the statement in the workload prior to the recommendations
POSTCOST NUMBER   Cost of executing the statement in the workload after the recommendations
IMPORTANCE NUMBER   Advisor-calculated importance value
REC_ID NUMBER   Associated recommendation identifier
VALIDATED NUMBER   Indicates whether the statement is valid for analysis:
  • 0 - Statement will not be analyzed by the EXECUTE_TASK procedure. Typically, the statement references one or more tables that do not have valid statistics. To correct this problem, ensure that the tables have valid statistics and execute the RESET_SQLWKLD procedure on the current workload.

  • 1- Statement is eligible for analysis by the EXECUTE_TASK procedure