DBA_RECOVERABLE_SCRIPT_HIST displays details about executed or purged recoverable operations.

Column Datatype NULL Description
SCRIPT_ID RAW(16)   Unique id of the operation
CREATION_TIME DATE   Time the operation was invoked
INVOKING_PACKAGE_OWNER VARCHAR2(30)   Invoking package owner of the operation
INVOKING_PACKAGE VARCHAR2(30)   Invoking package of the operation
INVOKING_PROCEDURE VARCHAR2(30)   Invoking procedure of the operation
INVOKING_USER VARCHAR2(30)   Script owner
STATUS VARCHAR2(8)   state of the recoverable script: EXECUTED, PURGED
TOTAL_BLOCKS NUMBER   total number of blocks for the recoverable script to be executed
DONE_BLOCK_NUM NUMBER   last block so far executed
SCRIPT_COMMENT VARCHAR2(4000)   comment for the recoverable script