DBA_WORKLOAD_FILTERS displays all the workload filters that have been defined in the current database. In Oracle Database 11g, only workload filters of type CAPTURE are supported.

Column Datatype NULL Description
TYPE VARCHAR2(30)   Type of the workload filter
ID VARCHAR2(40)   Sequence number of the workload filter
STATUS VARCHAR2(6)   Status of the workload filter:
  • NEW - This filter will be used by the next subsequent operation such as the next workload capture.

  • IN USE - This filter is currently being used by an operation that is in progress such as an active workload capture.

  • USED - This filter was used in the past by some operation such as a past workload capture.

SET_NAMEFoot 1  VARCHAR2(1000)   Name of the filter set to which the filter belongs
NAME VARCHAR2(128)   Name of the workload filter
ATTRIBUTE VARCHAR2(128)   Name of the attribute on which the filter is defined
VALUE VARCHAR2(4000)   Value of the attribute on which the filter is defined. Wildcards such as % and _ are supported if the attribute is of string type.

Footnote 1 This column is available starting with Oracle Database 11g Release 2 (