On the right of the page, the following text appears: Step 3 of 6. The Cancel button appears to the left of the text, and the Next and Cancel buttons appear to the right of the text.

Below the buttons, the following text appears in the SQL Performance Analyzer section: "SQL Performance Analyzer allows you to test and to analyze the effects of changes on the execution performance of SQL contained in a SQL Tuning Set." Below the text is a check box that reads "Capture SQL statements into a SQL tuning set during workload capture."

Under Workload Filters, the following text appears:

Workload filters can customize the workload to be captured. By default, most external client requests made to the database are captured. Refer to the Oracle Real Application Testing User's Guide for more information.

In the Filter Mode list, Exclusion is selected.

Under Excluded Sessions, the following text appears: "All sessions will be captured except for those listed below."

A table follows with the following columns: Filter Name, Type, Session Attribute, and Value.

Row 1 has the following values: Oracle Management Service (DEFAULT), Excluded, Program, and OMS.

Row 2 has the following values: Oracle Management Agent (DEFAULT), Excluded, Module, and emagent%.

End of description.