The page shows Summary, Reports, Replay Task, and Review tabs, and the Summary tab is open.

The following text appears: Status In Progress. The Stop Capture button is to the right of the text.

In the Capture Summary section, values are shown for the following read-only fields:





Concurrent Capture

Concurrent Capture Name

Database Replay Capture Job

Capture Data Size (MB)

Target Database

Capture Database Version

Cluster Database


Capture Error Code

SQL Tuning Set Name

Capture Error Message

Captured Data Size (MB)

Start SCN


SQL Tuning Set Name

Storage Host

Storage Location

Workload Duration

Scheduled Capture Start Time

Scheduled Capture End Time

AWR Data Export Schedule

The Average Active Sessions section contains a chart. The chart has a y-axis labeled Active Sessions. The y-axis values range from 0 to 2.0. The chart has a x-axis labeled Aug 6, 2010. The x-axis values range from 1:08 to 1:23. A legend containing the labels Captured (blue) and Not Captured (brown) appears below the chart.

The Comparison section contains a table with the following columns: Capture, Total, and Percentage of Total.

Row 1 shows values in these columns for Database Time (hh:mm:ss)

Row 2 shows values in these columns for Average Active Sessions

Row 3 shows values in these columns for User Calls

Row 4 shows values in these columns for Transactions

Row 5 shows values in these columns for Session Logins

End of description.