The image shows that the NewsReader updates stock price data in a QUOTES table in the TimesTen database. The NewsReader also updates earnings data in an EARNINGS table. The STOCK columns in the QUOTES and EARNINGS tables are linked through a foreign key relationship.

The columns in the QUOTES table are: STOCK, PRICE, VOL, TIME. The rows are:

IBM 135.03 10 9:54:03
ORCL 16.23 15 9:54:02
MSFT 61.06 12 9:54:01
JNPR 15.36  1 9:54:01

The columns in the EARNINGS table are: STOCK, EARNS, EST. The rows are:

IBM  4.35 4.25
ORCL 0.43 0.55
MSFT 1.15 0.95
JNPR 0.36 0.51

The QUOTES and EARNINGS tables are detail tables for the PE_ALERTS materialized view with the following definition:

SELECT q.stock, q.price, q.vol, e.earns
FROM quotes q, earnings e
WHERE q.stock=e.stock AND q.price/e.earns < 50;

The columns in the PE_ALERTS materialized view are: STOCK, PRICE, VOL, EARNS. The rows are:

IBM 135.03 10 4.35
ORCL 16.23 15 0.43
JNPR 15.36  1 0.36

XLA reads the updated records from the transaction log buffer and sends them to the trading application.

End of description.