The General Connection Attributes tab of the TimesTen ODBC Setup dialog box has a column of check-boxes on the left: DS-Level Locking, Durable Commits, Wait for Connect (checked), Private Commands, and Match Log Opts.

These fields are on the right side: User ID, PWD Crypt, and Commit Buffer Size Max. Below the fields is the Diagnostics field. "1" appears in Diagnostics.

These drop-down lists are on the left below the check-boxes: DDL Commit Behavior, Isolation, and Duplicate Bind Mode. DDL Commit Behavior is set to 0 - Implicit Commit. Duplicate Bind Mode is set to 0 - Oracle.

Below the drop-down lists are the following fields: Query Threshold (secs), Query Timeout (secs), Lock Wait (secs.#), Replication Track, DDL Replication Level and DDL Replication Action. "10.0" appears in Lock Wait.

The Low Memory Warning Thresholds section is on the lower right side. It contains two fields: Permanent Data (%) and Temporary Data (%).

The following buttons appear at the bottom of the dialog box: OK, Cancel, Default, Help.