What's New

This section summarizes the new features and functionality of Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Release 11.2.2 that are documented in this guide, providing links into the guide for more information.

New features in release

  • There is a new user error log message designation RECOVERY, for messages that report on TimesTen automatic recovery status. This is not a category that you can control through the ttDaemonLog utility; the messages cannot be disabled.

New features in release

New features in release

  • If you try to change the state of a replication receiver when replication has been configured to use a secondary IP address, a misconfiguration of the /etc/hosts file may cause ttRepAdmin to print an error. See "Problems when changing the state of a replication receiver" for more information.

  • If you provide an incorrect host name for a subscriber or have made an error entering the subscriber database name or host name in the replication scheme, you may see an error. See "Wrong database or host name" for more information.

New features in release

  • Additional information was added about possible causes for a loss in AWT performance. For more details, see "AWT performance monitoring".

  • The error log messages for the cache agent daemon were modified as follows:

    • The TimesTen ORA component was often misunderstood to be the Oracle Database standard for Oracle Database messages. Now, the TimesTen ORA component is renamed to CACHE, and messages from the cache agent daemon have the designation CAC.

    • Previously, the TimesTen error message was printed, but the message number was not identified. Now, the message number is included in all messages, so that the user can reference the error message guide for further details.

    For an example of these changes, see "Understanding messages about autorefresh in the support log".