Options Property

Applies To

Oracle Data Control


Determines one or more characteristics of the database and all dynasets associated with the data control. Read/write at design time and run time.


oradata1.Options = database_optionsdatabase_options = oradata1.Options

Data Type

Long Integer


This property is a bit flag word used to set the optional modes of the database. If options = 0, the default settings will apply. The following modes are available:

  • Column Defaulting mode

    The default mode is called VB mode. In VB mode, field (column) values not explicitly set are set to NULL when using AddNew or Edit.

    Optionally, you can use Oracle mode. Oracle mode indicates that changes made to fields (columns) are immediately reflected in the local mirror by retrieving the changed row from the database, thus allowing Oracle Database to set defaults for the columns and perform required calculations. Column Defaulting mode affects the behavior of the AddNew and Edit methods.

  • Lock Wait mode

    The default mode is called Wait mode. In Wait mode, when dynaset rows are about to be modified (using Edit), the existing row in the database is retrieved using the SQL "SELECT ... FOR UPDATE" statement to lock the row in the database. If the row about to be changed has been locked by another process (or user), the "SELECT ... FOR UPDATE" statement, waits until the row is unlocked before proceeding.

    Optionally, you can use NoWait mode. NoWait mode results in an immediate return of an error code, indicating that the row about to be updated is locked.

    Lock Wait mode also affects any SQL statements processed using ExecuteSQL.

  • No Refetch mode

    In this mode NULLs are not explicitly inserted as in the ORADB_ORAMODE. In ORADB_NO_REFETCH mode, performance is boosted, because data is not refetched to the local cache.

Options Property Flag Values

The Options property flag values are:

Constant Value Description
ORADB_DEFAULT &H0& Accepts the default behavior.
ORADB_ORAMODE &H1& Lets Oracle Database set default field (column) values.
ORADB_NOWAIT &H2& Does not wait on row locks when executing a SQL "SELECT ... FOR UPDATE" statement.

These values can be found in the oraconst.txt file. Options may be combined by adding their respective values.

This property is the same as the options passed to the OpenDatabase method. Just as with OpenDatabase, these options affect the OraDatabase object and all associated dynasets created from that database.

Changing this property does not take effect until a Refresh method is sent to the data control.