Add (OraIntervalYM) Method


Adds an argument to the OraIntervalYM object.


OraIntervalYMObj.Add operand


The arguments for the method are:

Arguments Description
[in] operand A Variant of type String, a numeric value, or an OraIntervalYM object to be added.


The result of the operation is stored in the OraIntervalYM object, overwriting any previous value. There is no return value.

If operand is a Variant of type String, it must be in the following format: [+/-]YEARS-MONTHS.

If operand is a numeric value, the value provided should represent the total number of years that the constructed OraIntervalYM object represents.


Dim oraIYM as OraIntervalYM 
'Create an OraIntervalYM using a string which represents 1 year and 6 months 
Set oraIYM = oo4oSession.CreateOraIntervalYM("1-6") 
'Add an interval using a string, which represents 2 years 
'and 6 months, to oraIYM. 
'The resulting oraIYM is an interval which represents 4 years 
oraIYM.Add "2-6"