AQAgent (OraAQMsg) Method

Applies To

OraAQMsg Object


Creates an instance of the OraAQAgent for the specified consumer and adds it to the OraAQAgents list of the message.


Set agent = qMsg.AQAgent(name)


The arguments for the method are:

Arguments Description
[in] name A String up to 30 bytes representing the name of the consumer of the message.
[in] [optional] Address A 128-byte String representing the protocol specific address of a recipient, such as [schema.]queue[@dblink].


The OraAQAgent object represents a message recipient and is only valid for queues that allow multiple consumers. Queue subscribers are recipients by default. Use this object to override the default consumers.

An OraAQAgent object can be instantiated by invoking the AQAgent method. For example:

Set agent = qMsg.AQAgent(consumer) 

The maximum number of agents that a message can support is 10.

The AQAgent method returns an instance of an OraAQAgent object.


Address is not supported in this release, but is provided for future enhancements.