Erase (OraLOB) Method


Erases the specified portion of the LOB value of this object starting at the specified offset.


OraBlob.Erase amount, offset
OraClob.Erase amount, offset


The arguments for the method are:

Arguments Description
[in] amount An Integer specifying the maximum number of characters or bytes to be erased.
[in] offset [optional] An Integer specifying absolute offset of the LOB value from which to start erasing. Default value is 1.


Obtain either a row-level lock or object-level lock before calling this method. The actual number of characters or bytes and the requested number differ if the end of the LOB value is reached before erasing the requested number of characters or bytes. For BLOB types, erasing means that zero-byte fillers overwrite the existing LOB value. For CLOB types, erasing means that spaces overwrite the existing LOB value.