GetDatabaseFromPool Method

Applies To

OraSession Object


Returns the next available OraDatabase object from the pool.


GetDatabaseFromPool(long waitTime)


The arguments for the method are:

Arguments Description
waitTime The number of milliseconds this call waits for an object to be available, if the pool contains the maximum number of objects and all are used.


To retrieve an OraDatabase object from the pool, the GetDatabaseFromPool method is called. This function returns a reference to an OraDatabase object. If the pool does not contain the maximum number of objects allowed, and all objects in the pool are used, then an additional OraDatabase object is created implicitly. In addition, if a pool item contains an OraDatabase object that has been timed out, then a new object is created and returned. The OraDatabase object obtained from the pool is then marked as in use and is returned to the pool when the object is no longer referenced by the application.

Exceptions are raised by this call if:

  • The connection pool does not exist.

  • The pool contains no objects.

  • A time-out has occurred.

The LastServerErr property of the OraSession object contains the code for the specific cause of the exception.