ToOraTimeStampTZ Method

Applies To

OraTimeStamp Object


Returns a copy of the OraTimeStampTZ object from an OraTimeStamp object.


Set OraTimeStampTZObj = OraTimeStampObj.ToOraTimeStampTZ


Returns a new OraTimeStampTZ object with the same date-time values as the current OraTimeStamp object. The time zone information in the returned OraTimeStampTZ object is set to the session time zone.


Dim OraTimeStamp As OraTimeStamp 
'Create OraTimeStamp using a string 
Set OraTimeStamp = OraSession.CreateOraTimeStamp("1999-APR-29" & _ 
         "12:10:23.444 AM", "YYYY-MON-DD HH:MI:SS.FF AM") 
' assuming that the session Time Zone is "-07:00" returns a new 
' OraTimeStampTZ object with date value equal to "1999-APR-29 12:10:23 -07:00" 
Set OraTimeStampTZ = OraTimeStamp.ToOraTimeStampTZ