OraDatabase Object


An OraDatabase interface represents a user session to an Oracle database and provides methods for SQL and PL/SQL execution.


An OraDatabase interface in Oracle8i and higher releases adds additional methods for controlling transactions and creating interfaces representing instances of Oracle object types. Attributes of schema objects can be retrieved using the Describe method of the OraDatabase interface.

In previous releases, an OraDatabase object is created by invoking the OpenDatabase method of an OraSession interface. The network alias, user name, and password are passed as arguments to this method. In Oracle8i and higher releases, invocation of this method results in implicit creation of an OraServer object.

As described in the OraServer interface description, an OraDatabase object can also be created using the OpenDatabase method of the OraServer interface.

Transaction control methods are available at the OraDatabase (user session) level. These methods include:

  • BeginTrans

  • CommitTrans

  • Rollback

For example:

MyDatabase.ExecuteSQL("delete from emp where empno = 1234") 


If the AutoCommit property is set to True, transactions are committed automatically, and you do not need to use the transaction control methods.