OraSession Object


An OraSession object manages collections of OraDatabase, OraConnection, and OraDynaset objects used within an application.


Typically, a single OraSession object is created for each application, but you can create named OraSession objects for shared use within and between applications.

The OraSession object is the highest level object for an application. OraSession and OraServer objects are the only objects created by the CreateObject Visual Basic or Visual Basic for Applications APIs and not by an Oracle Objects for OLE method.


The following code fragments show how to create an OraSession object:

Dim oo4oSession as Object
Set oo4oSession = CreateObject("OracleInProcServer.XOraSession")


Dim oo4oSession as New OraSessionClass 


Dim oo4oSession as OraSession 
Set oo4oSession = New OraSessionClass