Offset (OraLOB/BFILE) Property


Gets or sets the 1-based offset into the LOB or BFILE for the next Read or Write operation. This property is read/write at run time.


offsetbytes = OraBFile.Offset 
OraBFile.Offset = offsetbytes 
offsetbytes = OraBlob.Offset 
OraBlob.Offset = offsetbytes 
offsetchars = OraClob.Offset 
OraClob.Offset = offsetchars 

Data Type



This value is expressed in bytes for OraBLOB and OraBFILE or characters for the OraCLOB object. The default value is 1. Setting this value to 0 raises an error. When the PollingAmount property is not 0 (polling is enabled), the Offset property can only be set before the first Read or Write operation, or after the current polling operation has completed.