Value (OraAQMsg) Property

Applies To

OraAQMsg Object


Returns or sets the value of the given object.


Msg.Value = my_string 
set Msg.Value = OraObj 
my_string = Msg.Value 
Set OraObj = Msg.Value 

Data Type



The Value property represents the actual message for RAW as well as user-defined types.

This property is not available at design time and read/write at run time.


'To set the value for a message of Raw type 
OraAQMsg.Value = "This is a test message" 
myString = "Another way of setting the message" 
OraAQMsg.Value = myString 
'To set the value for a message of user-defined type  
Dim OraObj as OraObject 
OraObj("subject").Value = txtdesc 
OraObj("text").Value = txtmsg 
set OraAQMsg.Value = OraObj 
'To get the value from a message of raw type 
myString = OraAQMsg.Value 
'To get the value from a message of object type(user-defined type) 
Set OraObj = OraMsg.Value 
txtdesc = OraObj("subject").Value 
txtmsg = OraObj("text").Value