XMLEncodingTag Property

Applies To

OraDynaset Object


Gets or sets a string value in the encoding tag of the generated XML document.


OraDynaset.XMLEncodingTag = "SHIFT_JIS" 


This property is useful when the XML document generated by OO4O is converted to a different character set encoding before it is stored or parsed. This might occur if the property is to be loaded into a database or stored in a file system.

This property only sets the encoding tag value; it does not change the actual encoding of the document. The document generated by the GetXML method in Visual Basic is encoded in UCS2. The documents generated by the GetXMLToFile method use the same character set as the current NLS_LANG setting.

If this property is set to an empty String, the default encoding tags are used. To omit the tag entirely, use OraDynaset.XMLOmitEncodingTag.

No validity checking of the chosen encoding is done.