OracleAQMessageType Enumeration

The OracleAQMessageType enumeration type specifies the message payload type.

Table 12-33 lists all the OracleAQMessageType enumeration values with a description of each enumerated value.

Table 12-33 OracleAQMessageType Members

Member Name Description


Indicates the Raw message type.

The data type of the payload must be either OracleBinary or byte[] to enqueue the message.


Indicates the Oracle UDT message type.

The ODP.NET AQ implementation currently does not support user defined types with LOB attributes. It also does not support other variants of user defined types such as VARRAY and nested tables, as Oracle Streams AQ does not support them inherently.


Indicates the XML message type.

The data type of the payload must be OracleXmlType, XmlReader, or String in order to enqueue the message. If the data type is String, it must be well-formed XML, else an exception is raised when enqueuing the message.


Namespace: Oracle.DataAccess.Client

Assembly: Oracle.DataAccess.dll

ODP.NET Version: ODP.NET for .NET Framework 2.0 or ODP.NET for .NET Framework 4