OracleFailoverEventHandler Delegate

The OracleFailoverEventHandler represents the signature of the method that handles the OracleConnection.Failover event.


// C#
public delegate FailoverReturnCode OracleFailoverEventHandler(object sender,
    OracleFailoverEventArgs eventArgs);


  • sender

    The source of the event.

  • eventArgs

    The OracleFailoverEventArgs object that contains the event data.

Return Type

An int.


To receive failover notifications, a callback function can be registered as follows:

ConObj.Failover += new OracleFailoverEventHandler(OnFailover); 

The definition of the callback function OnFailover can be as follows:

public FailoverReturnCode OnFailover(object sender, OracleFailoverEventArgs eventArgs) 


Namespace: Oracle.DataAccess.Client

Assembly: Oracle.DataAccess.dll

ODP.NET Version: ODP.NET for .NET Framework 2.0 or ODP.NET for .NET Framework 4

Comment: Not supported in a .NET stored procedure