OracleRowUpdatedEventHandler Delegate

The OracleRowUpdatedEventHandler delegate represents the signature of the method that handles the OracleDataAdapter.RowUpdated event.


// C#
public delegate void OracleRowUpdatedEventHandler(object sender,
   OracleRowUpdatedEventArgs eventArgs);


  • sender

    The source of the event.

  • eventArgs

    The OracleRowUpdatedEventArgs object that contains the event data.


Event callbacks can be registered through this event delegate for applications that wish to be notified after a row is updated.

In the .NET framework, the convention of an event delegate requires two parameters: the object that raises the event and the event data.


Namespace: Oracle.DataAccess.Client

Assembly: Oracle.DataAccess.dll

ODP.NET Version: ODP.NET for .NET Framework 2.0 or ODP.NET for .NET Framework 4