OracleRowsCopiedEventHandler Delegate

The OracleRowsCopiedEventHandler delegate represents the method that handles the OracleRowsCopied event of an OracleBulkCopy object.


// C#
public delegate void OracleRowsCopiedEventHandler (object sender,    OracleRowsCopiedEventArgs eventArgs);


  • sender

    The source of the event.

  • eventArgs

    The OracleRowsCopiedEventArgs object that contains the event data.


Event callbacks can be registered through this event delegate for applications that wish to be notified every time the number of rows specified by the OracleBulkCopy.NotifyAfter property has been processed.

If the event handler calls the OracleBulkCopy.Close method, an exception is generated, and the OracleBulkCopy object state does not change.

The event handler can also set the OracleRowsCopiedEventArgs.Abort property to true to indicate that the bulk copy operation must be aborted. If the bulk copy operation is part of an external transaction, an exception is generated and the transaction is not rolled back. The application is responsible for either committing or rolling back the external transaction.

If there is no external transaction, the internal transaction for the current batch of rows is automatically rolled back. However the previous batches of imported rows are unaffected, as their transactions have already been committed.


Namespace: Oracle.DataAccess.Client

Assembly: Oracle.DataAccess.dll

ODP.NET Version: ODP.NET for .NET Framework 2.0 or ODP.NET for .NET Framework 4