2 Installing and Migrating Oracle Products

This chapter describes installation and migration requirements for the Microsoft Transaction Server and Oracle Database environment.

This chapter contains these topics:

Installing Oracle Services for Microsoft Transaction Server

You can install OraMTS by choosing the Custom installation type when you install Oracle Database.

This section describes the Oracle and non-Oracle products you must install for OraMTS. Additional installation requirements include:

Installation Requirements for Microsoft Transaction Server

The Windows computer where Microsoft Transaction Server is installed has the following product requirements:

Oracle Products


  • OO4O, Oracle ODBC Driver, ODP.NET, Oracle Provider for OLE DB, and OCI are only required if you are building or using components with which they are required.

  • Depending on the installation, you are prompted to enter the port number on which the Oracle MTS Recovery Service will listen for requests to resolve in-doubt transactions

Non-Oracle Products

  • Windows operating system

  • Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator, which is part of COM+, Enterprise Services, or Microsoft Transaction Server

Installation Requirements for Oracle Database

The computer where Oracle Database is installed has the following product requirements:

Oracle Products

  • Oracle Database Server

  • SQL*Plus