Document Structure

This document contains the following information:

About Financial Management introduces the Financial Management Desktop and Web user interface, provides an overview of tasks and dimensions, and notes naming conventions for application elements.

Managing Applications provides information on defining application profiles and creating and deleting applications.

Managing Application Security provides information on setting up Financial Management application security.

Managing Metadata provides information on creating metadata files and loading and extracting metadata.

Managing Member Lists provides information on creating member list files and loading and extracting member lists.

Managing Journals provides information on creating journal files and loading and extracting journals.

Managing Data Forms provides information on creating, loading, and deleting Web data entry forms.

Using Extended Analytics provides information on exporting data to a star schema and modifying and deleting a star schema.

Defining Reports provides information on creating data explorer, journal, and intercompany matching reports.

Managing Rules provides information on types of rules and considerations for writing rules. The chapter also provides information on creating rules in the Rules Editor and loading and extracting rules.

Rule Functions defines the functions that can be used with each type of rule.

Managing Intercompany Transactions provides information on the administrative tasks of the Intercompany Transaction module.

Managing Shared Services Models provides information on using Hyperion System 9 Shared Services™ to manage models and share metadata and data between Hyperion products.

Common Member Attributes provides additional information on attributes common to Hyperion products and Shared Services.

Customizing Cascading Style Sheets provides information on customizing the global cascading style sheet.

The Glossary contains a list of key terms and their definitions.

The Index contains a list of Financial Management terms and their page references.